Patient Fmily Experience

Patient & Family Experience

RML’s Patient and Family Experience team guides patients and families through their stay at RML. The chaplains, patient ambassador and psychologists are here to serve you. The support they provide includes:

Patient Family Experience

Chaplain services

Sensitive to individual beliefs and traditions, RML’s chaplains provide non-denominational emotional and spiritual support.

Family support groups

Family support groups provide a weekly forum to share experiences and concerns with the families of other patients. These free sessions are led by a clinical psychologist and offer strategies for coping with illness, guilt and stress. Topics covered include:

  • Can you “will your way” to health? How does motivation affect illness outcome?
  • Managing stress before it manages you.
  • Using conflict constructively.
  • I’m not a medical person, I’m just family. What can I do to help?
  • What is he so afraid of, this isn’t like him!
  • Why is she so down? Why can’t she “snap out of it?”
  • Has he lost his mind for good? Why is he so confused?
  • Lessons your mother taught you – eat well, sleep well and wash your hands.

Patient advocate services

Patient Family ExperienceThe patient ambassador is here to serve you. This member of the Patient & Family Experience team serves as your advocate and will help resolve any issues you have during your stay.

Psychology services

All patients are evaluated by a psychologist following admission. The psychologist works closely with the patient care team to put a plan in place that will meet the patient’s physical AND emotional needs.