Medically Complex

Medically Complex

The Medically Complex program is devoted to patients with complicated medical conditions covering a broad range of diagnoses. These patients require acute care hospitalization for an extended period. Many suffer from multiple organ system failure and need recovery time to build strength, stamina and improve overall health.

Upon admission, patients to the medically complex program are evaluated by an RML physiatrist and the appropriate therapy staff: physical, occupational and/or speech language pathologist. This team determines the best course of treatment and appropriate rehabilitation therapies.

Physicians, nurses and therapists closely monitor patients and adjust treatments in response to any changes in condition. While progress is often slow due to the complex health issues patients are fighting, this program enables them to move on to other levels of care, such as home, outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility or acute rehabilitation.

Bringing together two experts in the field — RML Specialty Hospital and the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab — our Medically Complex program delivers the best medical care for these patients. RIC provides the medical direction of patient care by focusing on the functional aspects of rehabilitation and patients’ strengths to give them the best opportunity for improvement.

RML’s leadership in Medically Complex care was recognized with a best practices award by the National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH) for innovations in fall prevention. RML developed a patient falls assessment tool and demonstrated a highly efficient, cost-effective strategy for reducing falls.