A Letter From Angela

To Whom It May Concern:


I transferred to RML from Rush University Medical Center on April 29, 2020 with complications of Covid-19. I was released from RML on 5/29/2020.

I was very critical when I arrived. I was on a ventilator; I had a feeding tube in my nose and a tracheostomy inserted in my neck. I was scared because this was a new hospital, and I didn’t know what to expect.


From the day of admission, the RML staff became my family. Everyone embraced me with love and support. I was encouraged daily and received the best medical and personal care. My body was turned daily to prevent bed sores, I had a bed bath 2-3 times a week. The Physical therapy staff worked with me with patience and professionalism.


Some of the RML staff would stop by my room and wave to me from the window; this made me happy. My room was also cleaned several times a day to prevent infection. Some of the staff celebrated every milestone. Also, my family was updated daily regarding my progress. I missed seeing my family but the RML staff became my family away from home.


My illness was one of the biggest battles I have ever faced but my RML family showed me what unconditional love and care looks like. I am a Covid-19 survivor because of all of you.


I want to extend a special thanks to


My entire medical team and:


*Dr. Fitzpatrick. Collins- One of the best caring doctors I have ever met. He spoke life to me every day.


*Nurse Denise- True caregiver

*Tony-Respiratory Therapist – Professional, personable, and caring

*Joy-Respiratory Therapist- very caring.

*Nurse Darrell- very personable and helpful

*Nurse Norma- Inspirational

*Nurse Jackie- My enforcer

*All the Physical Therapists – excellent at what they do. Especially the African American woman that works with Debbie

*PCT Jasmine- Did all she could to make me comfortable. Helpful


Thank you for all you did for me.


Angela R S

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