Awareness & Affirmation in Health

Awareness and affirmation in healthcare

RML chaplain Scott Barron was recently published in PlainViews, the online professional journal for chaplains and spiritual care providers. In his article, From Anosognosia to Awareness to Affirmation: A Pastoral Response to Denial in Families of Long-Term Acute Care Hospital Patients (subscription required), Barron examined the role denial and the ultimate state of acceptance and trust have on patients and families in our LTACH setting.

“Faith isn’t just about miracles. Sometimes it means accepting what is beyond our control and trusting that God is at the center of what we cannot understand.”

Who do you turn to when you or a loved one are battling life changing illness or injury? Who do you talk to when you are confused about the medical information you are receiving and how it may or may not match what you see or experience in the patient room? At RML, we provide an outstanding resource for patients and families in our chaplain program.

Sensitive to individual beliefs and traditions, RML’s chaplains provide non-denominational emotional and spiritual support. They are an ear to listen to the anxieties and/or stressors you may be experiencing and an advocate for you and your care. Most importantly, RML chaplains work with patients and families to make acceptance and peace a reality.

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