Celebrating Physicians

Dosctors' Day 2014

All of us, either by choice or by chance, have been touched by the work of physicians. Our lives are made better by the compassionate, professional care of doctors. March 30th is National Doctors’ Day, a time to celebrate the contributions of physicians who transform and save lives on a daily basis.

At RML, we are proud of our team of exceptional doctors from a variety of specialties who apply their expertise to go above and beyond to care for patients facing complex, long-term medical problems. Here are reflections from staff as we pause to celebrate the physicians who give so much to patients, family and our RML community:

The physician team at RML is the best I’ve worked with. They work with other disciplines as colleagues, helping achieve the best possible outcome for our patients.
– John Kufer RN, MSN, Nurse Manager

Celebrating RML PhysiciansAt its root, the English word for healing means wholeness, a state of being that describes spiritual and emotional completeness even more than it does a restoration of physical well being, otherwise known as a cure. As I minister to those for whom a cure is not possible, I have observed our physicians offer healing to patients and families, demonstrating what the American clergyman and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson described as the essence of maturity: “wisdom interfused with compassion.” I am honored to work among such wise, compassionate healers.
– Scott Barron, Chaplain

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Brofman for many years. He is always available to discuss patient issues, and takes the time to listen and provide honest insights. He also has a great sense of humor, and in our business that is greatly appreciated! He is an expert in his field and a real asset to RML. Thanks Dr. Brofman for being there for all of us for so many wonderful years!
– Beth Garcia, Senior Clinical Liaison

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