Congratulations Graduates

RML Specialty Hospital is committed to life-long learning for our staff. Cultivating knowledge creates a workforce of highly-trained professionals focused on quality care and superior clinical outcomes.

We had a record number of staff who utilized RML’s Student Tuition Reimbursement Program this year to achieve their advanced degree.

Congratulations to the following graduates who walked down the aisle and received their diplomas:

Alecia Clemons, MSN, RN – Staff Educator for Compliance, Education Department – Chicago
Menai Edwards, MBA – Recruitment & Retention Lead – Human Resources – Chicago
Shawn Ewing, RCP, BA Business Admin – Lead Respiratory Therapist – Chicago
Cheryl Anderson, BSN, RN Clinical Supervisor – Hinsdale
Ruanda Mejia, BSN, RN – Nursing – Hinsdale
Julie Kaiser, BSN, RN – Nursing – Hinsdale
Diane Cullen, MSN, RN – Manager, Infection Control – Hinsdale
Negeset Mesgun, BSN, RN – Nursing – Chicago
Umeko Jones, MSN, RN – Nursing – Chicago
Lexmi Immadisetty, MSN, RN- Nursing – Chicago
Marie Bingaman, AD in Nursing – Care Coordination

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