Effective Communication in the Hospital: How to Use the Whiteboard

Communications Board

RML strives to encourage easy, open communication between patients, their families and the patient’s care team. One method used to share updates is the communication board found in all patient rooms.

At the start of every shift, the nurse, patient care technician and respiratory care practitioner introduce themselves to patient and family and write their names on the whiteboard in the patient room. We’ve heard your feedback – with so many caregivers along the healthcare journey that brought you to RML, how can you possibly remember all of the names of staff that care for you? This is a simple solution providing access to the names of staff caring for them at all times.

The rehabilitation team shares the names of therapists (physical, occupational and speech) assigned to the patient, the patient’s goals and updates regarding patient activity for the day. Messages you may find in this space include updates like: “Stood up 3 times,” “Hooray! Passed swallow test,” or “Walked 200 feet.”

Your psychologist and care coordinator will also leave their name and extension on the communication board. Additionally, there is space for family members. We encourage you to write messages of support to your loved ones or leave messages for the staff.

The communication board is an easy-to-use, effective tool that aids communication between you and your patient care team.

– John Kufer, Nurse Manager

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