Enhancing Speech Therapy with iPads

Speech Language Pathology

Smartphones and tablets have altered the way we communicate and share information on a daily basis. These devices are being used in healthcare to do the same – transform the way we communicate and share information with patients.

At RML, iPads are reshaping the way speech language pathologists (SLPs) treat and care for patients.

SLIP iPad Use

SLPs are equipped with an iPad to communicate with ventilated patients who are unable to speak. Applications like MyVoice serve as a voice for patients and iMean is used as a word predictor tool, enhancing patient-therapist communication. The iPad also engages patients in learning exercises and memory drills and assists with swallow exercises.

Applications on the iPad assist SLPs in:

  • apraxia (inability to plan and execute)
  • dysphagia (difficulty eating)
  • communication
  • translation services
  • education and training

This fantastic technology enables patients to communicate and learn as they recover their ability to eat and speak.

– Carl Burdinie, Rehabilitation Services Manager
– Kristin Smith, Speech Language Pathologist

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