Robotics is coming to RML

The rehab department at RML Hinsdale is introducing new technology to improve strength and movement in bed-bound patients.

The MOTOmed letto2 will move the legs and arms of patients confined to a bed or therapy chair in a bicycling motion, training legs and upper body muscles.

Strengthening these muscles will aid patients on the road to recovery and healing. Patients receiving this therapy will engage their muscles up to 30 minutes per session on the cycle.

The MOTOmed letto2 allows for a wide range of therapy for patients of different abilities: from passively moving patients’ limbs to progressing with resistance, a biofeedback mode monitors the work of patients.

This type of robotic rehabilitation technology was first used for quadriplegic and paraplegic patients to prevent muscle atrophy and was championed by Christopher Reeve in his own recovery. The machine has a special mode to help to prevent spasms as patients are moved.

Interested in seeing this robotic technology in action? Contact the rehab department at 630.286.4248 for a demonstration.

– Carl Burdinie, Rehabilitation Manager

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