Ernie’s VIP Care

Compassionate Care for Ernie

Staff at RML go above and beyond to serve both patients and family. Sometimes, serving family takes on an entirely new meaning.

Meet Ernie, the special companion of an RML patient. Ernie is trached, has a G-tube and IV, and is a part of the healing environment created by staff. Despite being of the stuffed animal variety, Ernie is well cared for and a critical part of his companion’s hospital stay.

Ernie is always by the patient’s side. The patient closely examines Ernie’s trach, G-tube and IV to gain a better understanding of what is happening to his own body. Treatments and procedures are demonstrated on Ernie, creating an environment of comfort, trust and learning that goes beyond traditional bedside care.

Health challenges are much easier to tackle when not faced alone. We are grateful to our exceptional staff for serving both patient and Ernie with such compassion and care. Much appreciation to Loyola’s MICU staff for creating Ernie.

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