What is an LTACH

What is an LTACH?

Long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs) like RML serve patients with complex needs requiring longer hospital stays and highly specialized care. LTACHs are designed for patients who need intense, extended care for more than 25 days.

Most patients admitted to LTACHs arrive directly from the ICU of traditional hospitals with complex medical needs. LTACHs use a multidisciplinary team approach to meet the individual needs of patients.

  • LTACH patients have a common prognosis for improvement or recovery.


How is an LTACH different from a traditional hospital?

The difference is in the specialization. LTACHs specialize in long-term acute care, where traditional hospital offer many general services. LTACHs focus very high standards of care on just a relatively small list of services.

An LTACH is very similar to a traditional hospital, but treats patients who are sicker, require a longer length of stay and have a shorter list of illnesses for which they are treated. LTACHs must meet all the same conditions of participation as traditional short-term hospitals, and are state licensed as acute hospitals.