June 12, 2024

Patient Success Story M.G

Patient M.G.

I had been in and out of Hospitals for the past 5 months. The other hospitals just passed me around.

RML Specialty Hospital is the only hospital that took the time to find out what was wrong with me. They were able to diagnose me correctly.

In June, I had what looked like a bruise on my hip. Later it opened and other wounds opened and connected to the first one. It was getting worse instead of better, but every hospital just sent me to the next. We tried antibiotics, creams, all sorts of different treatments.

I was finally sent to RML. The OT Michelle, and WOCN Barb really looked at me and decided on a new treatment plan. We went back to old school treatments. We started with regular showers and really cleaning the wounds out. The necrotic tissue started to loosen and fall off. Barb took care of the rest. Today I have no necrotic tissue. I owe that to this hospital. With my diagnosis I lost a lot of strength. I could not walk. Now I can walk 175 feet. I get therapy three times a week and it is really working.

Everyone here really cares. Nurses like Leslie and Julisa help me so much mentally. They check on me to see if I am ok. They show empathy. PCT’s like Phil and Marvin are great too. They all make me feel comfortable. I feel at ease. I know they will not come in and just do their job like a robot. They help me along.

My Care Coordinator says it is possible, in a few weeks, I could go home.

I am learning my wound care; my family says they will help me too. I feel confident I will be able to manage at home because all I have learned at RML Specialty Hospital.

I thank my lucky stars that I found this hospital. This place has given me hope that I will be around for a long time and if I ever need care like this again, I will ask to come to RML.