For Patients and Family Members

Why did RML Specialty Hospital leaders decide to accept COVID-positive patients?
We made this decision with the clear understanding that RML Specialty Hospital is uniquely qualified to help at this very challenging time for our nation and community. We are one of the largest ventilator-weaning hospital in the United States, and our mission is to provide quality, compassionate care to patients who suffer from prolonged, severe illness. Our leadership – and our staff – recognized that we have an important role to play. Accepting COVID-positive patients helps relieve the significant pressures on area intensive care units, and offers seriously ill patients the safe, expert care for which we are known.

How are you keeping patients and staff at RML Specialty Hospital safe from COVID-19 contamination?
Patients: We are monitoring all patients regularly for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. On a daily basis, patients are assessed by an infectious disease physician. If a patient develops symptoms of COVID-19, they are tested. We are currently getting results within 24 hours, but this may change as tests become more readily available. We are also regularly cleaning high-touch areas and utilizing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hygienic practices between patients.

Staff: We are committed to keeping our staff safe as well, for their own health and to ensure they are able to continue to provide safe care to all our patients. RML is:

  • Providing all employees with the appropriate PPE to care for COVID positive patients
  • Actively monitoring employees’ health and temperatures; we assess all employees at the beginning of each shift. Any staff member with a temperature will be sent home to follow up with his/her physician for COVID-19 assessment. They will not be allowed to return to work at RML until they have been fever-free for 72 hours without taking any fever-reducing medication.

When will I be able to visit my family member at RML Specialty Hospital?
RML is working closely with the State of Illinois to assure everyone’s safety during this time. For specific information about our current visitor policy, visit our COVID-19 General Information Page. We will post updates here and on our Facebook page. You will also be contacted by your Care Coordinator when visiting hours change.

What can I send to my family member while I cannot visit?
In an abundance of caution, RML has restricted non-essential deliveries at this time. Essential can be defined as a tablet (such as an iPad or a Smartphone) is acceptable for video communication with your family member. Please notify the patients’ nurse prior to any deliveries.