For Referring Hospitals and Physicians

In support of our mission to provide the right care at a critical time, RML Specialty Hospital is now accepting patients with COVID-19.

It is important that RML recognize and respond to the needs of its’ community.

Beginning Thursday, April 29 RML will increase COVID+ beds to 25 beds.

Who qualifies to be admitted to RML’s COVID Unit?

Patients must meet long-term acute care hospital (LTCH) criteria. Specific criteria for the COVID Unit the patient must:

  • Be in referring hospital at least 10 days
  • Bee 72 hours fever-free without the support of fever-reducing medications
  • Under 300lbs.

Based on the plans developed by the task force, COVID patients will be treated on a wing that will have private entrance/exit for patients and staff. Staff have been specially trained to provide care for this special population.

What is RML’s process for accepting COVID-19 patients?

RML Specialty Hospital is clinically assessing each patient to ensure they meet established LTCH COVID criteria and that it is safe for the patient to be transferred from the referring hospital. Each referred patient’s evaluation is reviewed by our Chief Medical Officer (CMO). When necessary, our CMO will speak with the patient’s physician at the referring hospital.

Will the RML Specialty Hospital in Chicago also accept COVID-19 patients?

RML Specialty Hospital-Chicago is discussing a separate unit to admit COVID-19-positive patients.