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Climbing for a Cause

March 07, 2016

RML supported the American Lung Association on Valentine's Day by participating in the Fight for Air Climb in Oakbrook Terrace.Employees raised over $2,300 while climbing 31, 62, or 93 flights of stairs in support of lung health at the fundraising event.Congratulations and thank you to all RML employees who stepped up to the challenge and […]

Dry Skin Care in Winter

January 11, 2016

During winter we like to feel toasty and warm, wrapped up in cozy sweaters or blankets, or settled in front of a fire. However, freezing temperatures, low humidity, and furnace-blasted dry air can leave our skin dry, flaky and itchy.Here are some useful tips to keep skin from getting too dry during the cold weather […]

Education Simulation Lab Opens

November 24, 2015

RML's Education Simulation Lab featuring Sage the Sim Man is open at RML Hinsdale. Donors, community members, physicians, former patients, and staff joined us to celebrate this technologically advanced space that will have a lasting impact on the patients and communities we serve.Simulation training will help RML meet the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare […]

RML Chicago Opens High Acuity Unit

October 08, 2015

In complex environments like long-term acute care hospitals (LTCHs), reducing medical errors while serving increasingly complex patients saves lives and reduces costs. RML continuously identifies opportunities to meet the needs of patients in this ever changing healthcare landscape. As a result, a high acuity unit opened at RML Chicago this week.This specialized, technologically advanced six-bed […]

Alternative Pain Management Therapies

August 25, 2015

In most hospitals, pharmaceuticals are the first response to pain. RML’s rehab team is currently trialing non-pharmacological alternatives to pain management.Rehab therapists are testing a wearable device that uses electrical stimulation to trigger pain relief responses in the brain. The stimulator is worn on the upper calf, activating sensory nerves in the leg. This stimulation […]

Insomnia and Sleep Aids

August 21, 2015

Sleep is arguably the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. A good night’s sleep can improve health, focus, creativity, memory, and mood. Sleep can help you live longer, lower overall stress, and improve the quality of life. Sleep has been shown to decrease inflammation in the body, which has been linked to heart disease, […]

Reducing Heel Pressure Ulcers

March 19, 2015

Hospital acquired pressure ulcers are costly to patients and organizations financially, physically, and emotionally. Heels are the second most common site with 43% of pressure ulcers developed in hospitals occurring on the heel.1 ,2Committed to patient safety and quality outcomes, RML piloted a program aimed at preventing heel pressure ulcers. In partnership with Sage Products, […]

Medication Myth Busting: Generic Drugs

February 24, 2015

Today, nearly eight of ten prescriptions filled in the United States are for generic drugs. The use of generic medications is expected to grow over the next few years as a number of popular drugs come off of patent through 2015.Here are some facts about generic drugs:FDA requires generic drugs to have the same quality […]