When Doctors from Two Different Hospitals in Indiana Gave Up on Toni G

When doctors from two different hospitals gave up on Toni G’s life, RML Specialty Hospital welcomed her as a patient. The doctors, and many others, believed in Toni’s ability to heal and wean off the ventilator. Toni sustained severe lung damage from COVID-19 on November 7, 2020. “Toni needs time.” These are the words we heard again and again from the outstanding medical team at RML. Toni was successfully vent-weaned in March 2021 at RML after four and a half months of being on life support.

Toni’s developmental disabilities seem to enhance her ability to be artistic, affectionate, and kind. This work of art by Toni G is titled Trees: Lungs of the Earth. It is a gift of gratitude to the valued medical team and staff at RML, with a special thank you to RML’s Respiratory Therapists.

Toni painted this during her stay at RML, where she turned her hospital room into an artist’s studio. (Clean chucks became the “artist’s smock” covered in paint.)

We will never forget the kindness and compassion showered on Toni. Our hearts are full of gratitude for all you have done and continue to do for your patients at RML Specialty Hospital.

A great big thank you from Toni G and the G Family
March 25, 2021

Photos taken on Departure Day. Toni went on to continue her acute rehab.

Art work painted by Toni G while a patient at RML Hospital, soon to be framed and donated to RML Hospital.

This work is titled Trees: Lungs of the Earth.



Toni with Dr. G



Toni with Dr. I




Toni with her Physical Therapist.

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