Improving the quality of life for our patients doesn’t end with treatment. It extends to clinical research, particularly in the area of safe and effective ventilator weaning.

Research helps to uncover the root causes of conditions, determine alternative treatments, and improve patient outcomes. At RML, we take our responsibility in this area very seriously.

We are working hard to investigate innovative ways to wean patients from ventilators, identify the most effective treatment methods for patients with multiple complex medical conditions, and apply the latest technology to ease pain.

RML is particularly well known for its leadership in ventilator weaning. RML conducted the largest known study of ventilator patients over a 10-year period of time. The findings analyzing the outcomes of prolonged ventilation were recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Research Studies at RML

Ongoing analysis of the clinical impact of patients admitted to an LTACH who are colonized with Candida auris.

Initial findings presented at NALTH Spring 2024 LTCH Clinical Education Conference Nashville, TN Mar27-29