Information A to Z

Information A to Z

For comprehensive information on every aspect of care, patient and family resources, and RML’s amenities, click here for the latest RML Patient Handbook.  For an overview of key topics of importance, click on the area of interest below.


Advance Directives are essential in case a patient becomes physically or mentally unable to communicate his or her wishes. If needed, RML can help prepare a Living Will or a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care.

For questions about billing, contact Patient Financial Services at 630-286-4402.

Communication is a vital part of health care and we encourage you to ask questions about the patient’s plan of care and treatment. Upon admission, patients will be given a Patient & Visitor Handbook that includes the phone numbers for your care team at RML.

  • If you have questions regarding patient care, ask any of your RML caregivers to put you in touch with the person who can best answer your questions or call the nursing station.

  • To reach your physician, please contact your care coordinator who will arrange a call or meeting as needed. For urgent physician concerns, ask the nurse to page the physician.


If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about career opportunities at RML, visit Careers on our website. We offer a supportive and encouraging work environment, opportunities for continuous learning and career growth, and excellent benefits.

The use of cell phones is allowed in all areas of the hospital.

Visit our chapels for few moments of quiet reflection or prayer. All are welcome. The chapels are located in the main lobby at both our Hinsdale and Chicago hospitals.

Sensitive to individual beliefs and traditions, RML’s chaplains provide non-denominational emotional and spiritual support. They can be reached by calling Patient & Family Relations 630-286-4427.

Local information regarding the communities and amenities in and around our campuses is available at these websites below:


Patient ambassadors are available to assist you with any complaints, concerns or compliments. Call the Patient & Family Relations Department at 630-286-4427. RML’s patient ambassadors are dedicated to serving as our patients’ advocates, meeting with patients and families regularly and resolving any issues throughout the hospital stay.

To reach the Corporate Compliance Officer, or to leave a compliance inquiry or concern, please leave a message on the Corporate Compliance hotline:

Anonymous messages are accepted. Please leave enough detailed information so your concern can be investigated.

In accordance with new federal health and safety requirements, RML cannot offer on-site dining either in the cafeteria or on campus. But we are offering online food ordering and pick-up services. In Chicago, place your food order here. In Hinsdale, place your food order here.

Speech, hearing impaired devices, TDD, amplified handsets, interpreter services or other communication assistance devices are available. Please contact your assigned care coordinator with any special requests.

Initiated soon after a patient is admitted, care coordinators meet with patients and family members to discuss goals and medically appropriate alternatives for follow-up care. For comprehensive information, visit our Discharge Counseling, Planning and Education section.


Please see detailed guidance in the Financial Information section. If you need financial assistance, you can download the Financial Aid Application here.

RML offers free Wi-Fi access. Please check with your nurse or the front desk for the current guest password. Inappropriate websites are filtered via this network.

RML offers interpreter services for patients and families. An interpreter can be provided in person or by phone. A personal interpreter can be arranged within 24 hours of your request.

For a copy of your medical records, contact Health Information Management at 630-286-4117.

Free parking is available at both the Hinsdale and Chicago campuses. Visitor parking is labeled in the lots at both facilities. Parking lots are monitored by cameras and RML security.

RML’s patient ambassadors are dedicated to serving as our patients’ advocates, meeting with patients and families regularly and resolving any issues throughout the hospital stay. They can be reached at 630-286-4427.

Upon admission to RML, staff will familiarize patients and family members with the room, the nurse call system, bed control mechanism, telephone, and other devices and services. Patients receive an admission kit with personal items such as a pitcher, cup, basin, mouthwash, and other toiletries.

RML’s Clean Air Policy provides a safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors and employees free of smoke. Therefore, smoking is not permitted inside the hospital, at the entrance to the hospital, or in the parking lot. There are designated outside smoking areas at each campus.

Friends and family members may call the patient’s room directly. The room’s direct number may be obtained by calling 630-286-4000 (Hinsdale) or 773-826-6300 (Chicago) and pressing option “0” to reach the receptionist.

Please limit the items that stay in the room to only those that are absolutely necessary for patient comfort and care (i.e., eyeglasses, dentures, cell phone). RML will not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or broken articles. We strongly urge patients to leave jewelry, money, credit cards, and other valuables at home.

Effective June 4, 2021, each patient is allowed two visitors per day. Currently, visiting hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., but please confirm before visiting. We follow the CDC guidelines, which are adjusted frequently due to COVID. You may contact your Care Coordinator or the RML receptionist at 630-286-4000 for the latest information.