Why Choose RML?

Why Choose RML?

We understand that our patients and families need more than the highest quality physical care. They need emotional and spiritual support as well. We are here to help.

Nationally recognized for outstanding, compassionate care, RML Specialty Hospital offers five distinct features that make it the Long-term Acute Care Hospital (LTCH) of choice in the Chicago area.

Offering the same level of intensive care as a traditional hospital, RML also provides in-depth expertise in a wide range of specialties critical to caring for patients with complex medical conditions. In particular, RML treats more patients on ventilators than any other LTCH in the nation and is nationally recognized for its success. RML also offers on-site physician coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week for patient care and safety.

At RML, no patient is alike and each patient receives an individualized care plan to meet his or her unique needs. Every patient is assigned a core team of providers and is seen daily by an attending physician as well as a wide range of specialists appropriate to the patient’s needs. 

Our team members have chosen to work at RML, knowing that our patients and families will need not only clinical expertise but also deep compassion and empathy throughout their extended stay. Compassionate care is integral to our mission.

At RML, every patient and family is supported by our Patient & Family Relations team, which includes psychologists, chaplains, and patient ambassadors. These team members are dedicated to providing valuable information, answering questions, offering guidance when needed, and supporting patients and families emotionally and spiritually.

RML participates in numerous research studies focused on uncovering the root causes of conditions, identifying the best possible treatments, and improving patient outcomes. As appropriate, patients will have access to clinical trials and benefit from the advanced research always ongoing at RML.

I recommend RML specialty Hospital to patients because we care about people and we are committed to providing the kind of safe, effective, highly specialized care that will get them to the next level on their journey to wholeness.

Yolanda, Infection Control