February 01, 2015

The Happiest of Birthdays

“Care, courage, loving and most of all respect for each other,” Dolores gleefully exclaimed as she reflected on her time at RML and the staff who saved her life.

Dolores came to RML after being in nursing homes and hospitals for almost two years. She was unable to walk for six months. Her prognosis was not good: if an infection in her leg did not clear up she would need amputation. Hospice was also a consideration.

Dolores received exceptional treatment from physicians, nurses and rehab staff at RML. Her team of occupational therapists, Matt and Kathy, and physical therapist Amanda worked diligently to get Dolores back on her feet. She recently WALKED out of RML with a walker and discharged to home.

Dolores celebrated a joy-filled birthday at RML on May 19th. She reported that this day brought her as much joy as she experienced when she got married and had her children.

Dolores celebrated unexpected gifts this birthday: another year of life, the ability to walk, and the opportunity to go home.