HEALTH E-NEWS | November 24, 2015

Education Simulation Lab Opens

RML's Education Simulation Lab featuring Sage the Sim Man is open at RML Hinsdale. Donors, community members, physicians, former patients, and staff joined us to celebrate this technologically advanced space that will have a lasting impact on the patients and communities we serve.

Simulation training will help RML meet the demands of the rapidly changing healthcare environment. The lab will increase the clinical capabilities and expertise of staff, improving quality and reducing healthcare system costs.

Mannequin simulations use high fidelity simulators – mannequins that breathe, with breath sounds, heart tones, and palpable pulses. The mannequin has a monitor that displays EKG, pulse oximeter, blood pressure, arterial wave forms, pulmonary artery wave forms, and more. Sage the Sim Man simulates vital cues, providing real-time information and allowing for virtual feedback.

By practicing clinical skills in a safe and regulated environment with a simulation mannequin, clinicians learn exceptional evaluation and treatment techniques while increasing team work and communication skills.

This project would not have been possible without the support of Foglia Family Foundation and Sage Products. Thank you to both organizations for their continued support of RML.

If you are interested in touring the Education Simulation Lab, please contact Jennifer at 630.286.4400.