January 30, 2016

Phil’s Magical Journey

Phil arrived at RML with respiratory failure, weighing 732 pounds. He worked hard to wean from the ventilator and breathe on his own again, all while losing 250 pounds.

A very special day this spring marked very important milestones for Phil: one week off of the ventilator, standing unsupported and taking eight steps for the first time in nearly a year.

Phil’s courage was inspirational. In addition to his efforts to overcome health challenges, Phil worked to improve all areas of his life. He applied for and obtained his professional magician certification and has enrolled in GED classes, all from his RML hospital bed.

“Therein lies the real magic,” exclaimed Phil’s physician, Dr. Langdon, speaking about his determination and spirit. On that special spring day, staff gathered around Phil’s bed to cheer him on as he stood on his own and took his first few steps. During breaks in his therapy, he demonstrated magic tricks and entertained staff.

Thank you for your courage and willingness to work, Phil. You are an inspiration to the entire RML family.