July 30, 2016

Patrick’s Patient Experience

The patient experience cannot be achieved by one person alone in the hospital setting. It is the responsibility of all – nurses, physicians, and therapists, as well as those who support the care experience, from food and nutrition services and the environmental services team, to the individuals processing billing and medical records.

As an environmental service tech at RML, Emma Cortez has an important job. She is responsible for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting patient rooms and care units, preventing the spread of infection. She regularly interacts with infectious, biological, and sharp, unclean materials. More importantly, she regularly interacts with patients.

The power of a clean room can have a significant impact on the patient experience. The power of delivering compassion and empathy while cleaning that room has even more impact. Father daughter duo Patrick and Cathy recently experienced Emma’s exceptional care.

“Emma was assigned to clean my father’s room. While cleaning his room one day, she starting talking to my dad and had many kind words to say. She told him that he was a strong man and commented on the progress she saw him making with his therapists. She also relayed his progress to me, and reassured me of his strength. My father greatly appreciated her kindness.”

Prior to Patrick’s discharge, Cathy recognized the work of Emma and many staff on Hinsdale’s B1 unit who shared kindness, compassion, and empathy while caring for her dad and helping him reach his goal of returning home. From the patient care technicians to the nurses, physicians, and environmental service techs, each staff member played an important role in her father’s patient experience.