October 30, 2016

One Patients Journey

Janet Frampton knew she had COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) but was not expecting to end up on this journey.

Not too long ago Janet felt she was having trouble breathing.  Her hospital was full, so she was sent to Advocate South Suburban Hospital.  While she was there, her breathing became more difficult and she ended up needing the assistance of a mechanical ventilator for breathing.   Time passed and her physicians thought it would be best if Janet was transferred to a LTCH (long Term Acute Care Hospital) to continue her weaning from the ventilator.

That is when Janet’s family jumped in.  They wanted to find the best place for “mom”.   Jennifer, Janet’s daughter, researched LTCH and found RML Specialty Hospital.  The family agreed RML Specialty Hospital   would be the best place for mom and Chicago would be the ideal location for the family.

Not long after Janet arrived, she was able to breathe on her own for hours at a time.  Today she is up in a chair, looking forward to returning home very soon.

“The doctors here are a world of knowledge.  They are caring and professional” States Janet.  “I couldn’t be in a better place”.   “The staff here is caring, professional, and great.”

Thank you, Janet, for all your kind words.

Thank you RML Specialty hospital staff, for helping Janet on her road to recovery.